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Our Focus

As a member of the OFT Group our primary function is to research helpful and constructive content that has been verified by our Media team volunteers and partners prior to directing our members to the information they could be searching for.

As a Christian organization, our objective is to create, update and maintain a range of Websites, AV and Mobile Portals to provide and distribute factual and helpful information, resources, tools, opinions and services to assist them in making informed decisions regarding the most important aspects of their lives on the following sites:

Our Faith Portal

Our Faith Portal website is made available to all our Members and Partners to answer any questions regarding our Foundations Faith, its activities and the available on-line resources available to learn more about our message of Hope through available on-line applications such as Text and Audio Bibles, Research Libraries and current Faith articles and testimonials. Read more….

Our Health Portal

Our Foundations Health site’s objective is to update and maintain factual and helpful links to assist with making informed decisions by providing direction to Self-Diagnosis Tools, Practical First Aid, Terminal Disease Survivor Stories, Nutritional and Opinion leading articles. Read more….

Our Educational Knowledge Portal

Our Knowledge sites objective is to update and maintain a portal that provides updated and factual Resources, Information, Thought Leading Opinions and Innovative articles to assist any user searching for Knowledge and how to access Free Educational links to qualify themselves affordably. Read more….

Our News Portal

In the age of alternative facts and fake news our News Portal site is updated and maintained to provide a range of verified links to sites which offer verified news stories, editorial and analysis focused on SA, its political character, Finances, Ratings and Analysis. Read more….

Assist Us?

Our Digital Community project relates to how we can deliver the content referenced above to those that need it most through free Media and web based platforms available at no cost to the end user and request that you please contact us should you wish to provide useful links, articles or pathways to suitable and verified resources, tools and content which we will gladly validate and add to our provided links selection.

The MOC Foundation would also like to extend its appreciation for the opportunity to partner with the St Marks Congregational Church team based in South Africa.

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