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The Marie O'Connell Foundation is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

As a Christian organization we wish to enrich the lives of others due to our faith in Jesus Christ, and our understanding of the love He has for every person.

Our objective is to create, update and maintain a knowledge portal to provide factual and helpful information, opinions and answers to assist all visitors to our site to make informed decisions in some of the most important aspects of our lives.

We focus on current issues that answer questions or provide guidance or opinion on the topics of:

Faith – Health – Communication – Education

Ironically, it is our perception that while the next generation will have access to huge amounts of knowledge, little is done to provide honest insights to truthful Wisdom.

In this regard our primary function is to research helpful and constructive content that has been verified by our Media team prior to directing users to the information they are searching for.

Our 2017 Digital Community projects relate to how we can deliver the required content to those that need it most through the free Media and web based platforms available to us.

Please contact us should you wish to provide pathways to suitable and verified content which we will gladly add to our provided selection.

Please take the time to browse through our various activities and articles found off the menu bar above.

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