The Marie O'Connell Foundation was established by the OFT Group during 2009 and is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Our objective is to provide care, aid and counselling to enrich the lives of others and better their circumstances due to our faith in Jesus Christ which leads us to perform simple and selfless acts of kindness. The OFT Group has embarked on this initiative to create awareness among its Suppliers, Clients, Patrons, Fund Raising Organizations and Stakeholders with regard to the role the Group wishes to play in the community and detail how it can assist its nominated beneficiaries.

We provide assistance to the following causes and beneficiaries:

Animal Care and Anti-Cruelty Support

Disabled Person Support

Frail & Elderly Care Support

Our primary activity based focus within the OFT Group is:

MOC Fund Raising for Identified Beneficiaries and Projects

OFT Group Poverty Alleviation & Youth Development

OFT Group Patient Support and Visitation Programs

Please contact Bev Taag for more information about our activities

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MOC Foundation Africa Head Office

MOC Operations - Geoff O'Connell 

MOC Administration - Bev Taag 

MOC Legals and Statutory - Natasha Swanepoel

MOC Funding Proposals - Charles Lumsden

MOC Accounting Services - Sam Taylor

MOC Website - Brett Atkinson

ITC Systems - Rick North 

Auditors - PKF


MOC Projects Team

Poison Dwarf Golf Society - Kevin Gray 

OFT Dames Group  - Petro Jacobs

OFTX Team - Kyle Rehse

AOG Mozambique - Sergio Alvares


Postal Adress 

P.O.Box 886, Central, Port Elizabeth,South Africa, 6000. 

Landline; +27 (0) 41 - 586 1405

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