The MOC Foundation and its Patrons strive to assist any of our Teams nominated Frail and Elderly Care Organizations with bespoke services and interventions that will assist their tenants. We work towards raising funds and interact with our Corporate Sponsors, to provide current feedback as to our progress, not only on financial aid provided, but services and goods that have improved the lives of the frail and elderly such as:  

ICT Projects

MOC Foundation Frail Care Setting up of Simple site based Digital Communication Stations to enable tenants to stay in touch with their family and friends through E-mail, SKYPE, and other communication Apps and Platforms. This project forms part of our Digital Communities Project.  

Televised Online Sermons

Making available and remote management of live streaming services and access to web based data simply and efficiently.

Engineering Services

We have arranged with our Corporate Patrons to assist the Organizations with manufacturing and delivering simple, but vital items and services such as bespoke safety and Anti-Fall Railings, Metal-work,Wheelchair repairs, AC repairs, etc.



As we strive to grow the portfolios shown above we appeal to anyone who wishes to assist our efforts or who would like to get involved to Contact Bev Taag.


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