Cheshire Homes

Started during 1975, Cheshire Homes, Eastern Cape has lived and breathed the following mantra “To provide support services in partnership with persons with disabilities, which empower service users and enhance their quality of life.”

Our PDGS is the Patron of this cause, and since being introduced, their efforts, through Les Kirkland have been supporting their projects.

What was profoundly evident to us is that their Team have created success stories, such as the Khaya Outreach Program for disabled children in the Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth without any Government support whatsoever, and operate well run and cost effective programs.

In addition, they offer the following:


  • Residential Care for disabled people,
  • Day Care Educational Centres for disabled children,
  • Promoting independent, assisted living units.

Our team have prepared a DSP system for installation at their Residential Care Home based in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

We believe that this will allow them to raise additional income through selling advertising slots on their system while we provide access to Scriptural readings, Sunday Services and Daily devotionals that allows the residents to attend online Church services on-site and provide tailored content as required by the Cheshire residents.

Please feel free to consider assisting their team in any way possible and we appeal to anyone who wishes to help them to contact  Cheshire Homes directly.