Funding or Digital Impact Assistance Guidelines

We have 3 distinct online application formats covering our core activities. There are links at the bottom of each relevant page for your convenience.

We encourage visitors to review our activities in detail and consider which of our Group and Foundation's activities best suit your requirements and vision.

Due to the number of requests we receive, we have put in place some clear filters and guidelines to follow when applying for assistance.

Basic Qualification Criteria

  • A South Africa Company, Trust or Association with approved Public Benefit Organisation Status as issued by SARS
  • Section 18 A status is preferable but not necessarily a requirement
  • Available and up to date Financial statements & Current Management Accounts
  • Alignment with the foundations Biblical values and faith in Jesus Christ.
  • A track record of effective Ministry and Project management.
  • Alignment to our Vision and Gods Purpose
  • Additional requirements may be requested upon review of the initial Application

General Guidelines

  • Please take you time to review these guidelines prior to submitting your request for assistance.
  • Requests for assistance must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to a project or event date being considered.
  • All requests received will be reviewed and considered and the outcome communicated to you within 4 weeks should your application be successful.
  • All approved requests for assistance will require confirmation on an official letterhead of your organisation.
  • Regrettably we are only able to respond to those inquiries that we believe conform to our current granting priorities.
  • Due to the volume of requests received and our available manpower we only receive requests online and are unable to support telephonic applications or confirmation requests as this will be done digitally.
  • Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee assistance even in the event of all the criteria being met. We will not be required to provide a reason for our decision and will also not enter into any further discussion on any internal decisions made.


Please note that while we wish we could support all worthy requests for assistance there are distinct types of requests that we are unable to accommodate.

Exceptions include but are not limited to:

  • Advertising
  • Beneficiaries that already receive support from the Group through other initiatives
  • Contests and Pageants
  • Funding requests limited to operational costs and salaries
  • Memberships, including association/chamber memberships
  • Political organisations as direct beneficiaries
  • Requests made solely to benefit one person or family
  • Sport sponsorships
  • Contests, raffles, or other activities concerned with prizes
  • Travel and international studies and / or research
  • Organisations that do not benefit the communities within which our Group operates