Volunteer based community projects through establishing FBO & Corporate partnerships

Our Community Projects Approach

Our MOC Community Projects are designed to assist our nominated Beneficiaries or Organizations with access to funding opportunities, bespoke services and interventions that will assist their community members.

Our MOC Dames Projects team partner with various FBO's and Private Organizations to provide assistance that will provide tangible impacts on their proposed beneficiaries and their immediate community needs.

They also work towards raising funds and interacting with our Corporate patrons to provide current feedback as to our progress on the services and goods that have improved the lives of those that receive them.

Our focus is aligned to providing access to a communities practical and spiritual needs through innovative and practical use of our available resources, time and funding.

"what we do for others...we do for Him."

Our Community Projects Portfolio

Cheshire Homes

Started during 1975, Cheshire Homes, Eastern Cape provides support services in partnership with persons with disabilities, which empower service users and enhances their quality of life.

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The MOC Foundation and its Patrons strive to assist any of our nominated Frail and Elderly Care Organizations with bespoke services and interventions that will assist their tenants.

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Frail Care

Community Church Support

The St Marks Church satellite program based in Motherwell, South Africa is assisted by our MOC Dames in their efforts to make a difference in the lives of those that need it the most.

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MOC assists Waymakers, based in Chavuma, Zambia in spreading the Gospel and working towards providing villages with marine transportation, access to water, skills projects, agriculture, clothing and provisions.

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Evangelical Outreach Projects

Online Corporate Member Support

The OFT Group maintains an OFT Human Capital Development and Support website intended to benefit all of our members and their communities. We invite you to browse through their current vacancies and apply for any position that you may qualify for.

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During 2016 we started a Pilot Project with our Corporate Members Human Resource departments to assist their employees to cope when suffering from illness, grief or recovering from injury. One of our Team Members suggested that we start assisting their families and co-workers to communicate by creating simple WhatsApp Support Groups.

The process was initiated and administered by our groups various Companies Human Resource teams and the team put together a basic set of guidelines for implementation of a corporate faith based visitation program.

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Employee and Family Support

Animal Care

The Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit was started during June 2006 by Megan Hope. Its Foundation came about due to concerned residents identifying that there was a dire need for the education of horse and donkey owners in the Metro.

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Our Community Project Assistance Criteria

Prior to our Foundation considering an online funding proposal, we wish to highlight a few basic filters and guidelines we apply to any received applications prior to considering the merits of a funding partnership.

Our funding strategy is governed by a board of directors operating under the guidance of the OFT Group Trustees.

When selecting Projects, we consider our overall funding and management capacity, existing projects funding priorities, existing partnerships and the Projects envisaged impacts on the community.

If you believe that you, or your organization may qualify for assistance feel free to introduce yourself to us by completing our online Request format.

Regrettably we are only able to respond to those inquiries received that we believe conform to our current granting priorities and are also unable to enter into further discussion on any internal decisions made.

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