We assist new business and community projects by allowing access to and harnessing the impact that our Group provides from an Administrative and Technical perspective

Our Developmental Investment Approach

The OFT Group has grown its investments into a diversified portfolio of services.

Our investment portfolio consists of significant interests in businesses operating across multiple industry sectors and led by proven entrepreneurs adhering to concrete business strategies with suitable scale potential in Africa. Our Foundations efforts to impact lives is embodied in our Groups Equity charter.

Our proven Business development and administration model allows us to assist suitable members with access to a possible mentorship and funding program based upon a successful business proposal being received which align to our Group Structure and activities. Our Technical Projects team also offer immense technical support and value to budding entrepreneurs.

Our Group contributes annually to our Development Investment Fund and we invite individuals to consider submitting proposals for consideration directly off our website.

Our Current Investment Portfolio

Our Developmental Investment Criteria

Prior to submitting an online investment proposal, we wish to highlight a few basic filters we apply to any submission prior to considering the merits of a funding partnership.

When selecting developmental Investment opportunities, we consider our Groups overall funding capacity, each business units funding priorities, existing partnerships and the particular proposals approach and impact.

Our funding strategy is governed by a board of directors operating under the guidance and governance of the OFT Group Trustees.

We only consider organisations that fall within the below criteria. The organisations must also be able to provide certain information upon request. ​

The Organisation must be a registered Company or Juristic Person.

Operations must primarily be in South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia or Namibia.

Current financial statements, Venture Capital Projections and Revenue Budget must be available on request.

The Organisation must have access to part of the proposed Capital required,

Investment proposals must be aligned to our Group's core services and values.

Additional Information may also be requested during assessment. 

If you believe that you may qualify for investment or funding, please feel free to introduce yourself and your business case to us by completing our digital letter of introduction.

Because of the volume of inquiries received, we are regrettably only able to respond to those inquiries we feel are in our current granting priorities.

We are not required to provide reasons for decisions and will also not enter into discussions relating to decisions made.

Click Here to submit an Investment Proposal for consideration.