The MOC Foundations activities are guided and managed on a day to day basis by a Group of Professional Volunteers who are actively involved with the day to day administration and execution of our various projects.

Members and their Portfolios

OFT Group Oversight Team

Our Corporate Governance and funding strategy is governed by a board of directors operating under the guidance of the OFT Group Trustees.

OFT CEO Geoff O'Connell
OFT Trustee Grant Whitaker
OFT Trustee Olaf Angloher
OFT COO - Funding and Investment Charles Lumsden
OFT CLO Corporate Legal Affairs Natasha Swanepoel

Developmental Investment Projects

OFT invests in projects through its MOC investment and funding committee which is overseen by the OFT Group Trustees.

Kore Business Solutions Anela Mahumba
PKF Auditors Mark Davarin
OFTH Legal Services  Natasha Swanepoel
OFTH Feasibility and Analysis Charles Lumsden

Digital Impact Projects

Our Digital Impact Projects are managed by a team supplied by the MOC Foundation,  Association of Christian Congregations NPC and St Marks Congregational Church.

MOC Faith Portal Warren Watermeyer
Human Capital Development  Petro Jacobs
Digital Signage Point Systems Ashley Du Plessis
ITC Network Management Byron Muller
MOC Social Media Management Maxeen Taag

MOC Community Projects

Our Community Projects are managed by a team of volunteers supplied by the OFT Dames.

MOC Project Communications Bev Taag
MOC Corporate Projects - OFT Dames Petro Jacobs
MOC Financial Management Services Sam Taylor
MOC Motherwell Community Project Susan Holm
MOC Corporate HR Co-ordinator Annalien Scholtz
PDGS Kevin Gray

Our Contact Details

MOC Foundation

Care of: The OFT Group

Attention: Bev Taag

P.O. Box 886, Central, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6001

Landline: +27 (0) 41 - 586 1400