Volunteer Program

The MOC Foundation aims to provide a platform through which people can voluntarily assist us with the projects we wish to focus on within our own Organisation. 

We can always use the assistance of individuals who feel called to assist us within the following available portfolios:

Digital Ministries and Social Media Network Project

  • ICT Support Services
  • Chat Room Operators
  • Web and Media Designers
  • Document Proofing and Material Justification Services
  • Xhosa Translators
  • Learning Material Digitization Assistants
  • Preowned Television Sets and Mobile Smartphones

Fund Raising and Administration Services

  • Corporate Event Planner
  • Beneficiary Relations Co-ordinator
  • Development Projects Co-ordinator

MOC Knowledge Portal

  • Applicable Site and Content Researchers
  • Pre-Owned Smartphones
  • Web and Media Designers
  • Document Proofing and Material Justification
  • Social Media Platform Content Supervisors 

OFT Community Services

  • Visitor and Prayer Group Volunteers
  • English - Xhosa Translators

Online Education & School Support Projects

  • Connectivity and Hardware Sponsors
  • Moodle Programmers

Our Steering Committee Team will endeavour to harmonise each person’s personality with a voluntary position best suited for that individual’s particular strengths, skills set and talents, honestly and sincerely.

Please contact any of our Steering Committee Members detailing your proposal or to arrange a direct appointment.