MOC Foundation Corporate CommunitiesOur Corporate Digital Communities goal is to partner with our Corporate Members to develop online services to inform and assist their members in adapting to being part of the Global Digital Community.

To date, various portals have been developed to provide access to Information, Educational Materials, Advice, Opinion and other useful Applications which are hosted and made available to all our Corporate Members and their staff.

We continue to develop the following resources for any organization that may wish to use them.

Faith Support Portal

Introducing Members to our Church Partner and making their Personal and Digital Ministry Services available to all of our Corporate Member's Management and staff.

We also focus on making the Gospel message available in the areas it is most needed.


Knowledge and Education Portal 

Content, app’s and links are hosted to provide our members with relevant Information, News and Data.

Our objective is to make available Self-Study, Life Hacks and Coaching Materials to users in their native language, to provide accelerated learning experiences and motivate self-edification efforts.

Validating and hosting free download libraries and educational materials is being executed by the MOC Volunteers as part of our Pilot Project.


Medical & Personal Health Information Portal

We verify links to various online applications such as Medical Symptom Checks, Alternative Treatment Options, Support Forums and available access to our Faith Partners Counselling Services.

Our team also provides simple Corporate Visitation Guidelines that provide useful patient visitation Training to those entities that may find them useful.


Employee and Family Support

During 2016 we started a Pilot Project with our Corporate members Human Resource departments to assist their employees to cope when suffering from illness, grief or recovering from injury.

One of our Team Members suggested that we start assisting their families and co-workers to communicate by creating simple WhatsApp Support Groups.

The process was initiated and administered by the various Companies HR Departments. What the Team found amazing, is how much compassion and care existed among the various organizations members, who, while wanting to post Prayer updates and messages of hope, held back from doing so until they found that it was accepted, endorsed and appreciated by their organizations management.

In a nutshell, they were scared of being ridiculed for openly sharing their faith and care for others until they realized that there were many others that felt the same way. 

Once they realized the positive impact of their messages and updates, a change started to take place and members started posting freely and became involved with the patient’s progress and mental well-being.

This Employee Support System is being developed as a simple, yet inexpensive way for users to share their love, care and compassion by using simple, current and relevant communication systems which are freely available.


We invite any person or Organization interested in assisting our efforts to contact us to learn more about our Community Vision and Project activities.




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