Our Foundation, as a Christian Organization, partners with St Mark's based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, who are working towards a fully-fledged online Faith Portal. 

Their Digital Systems and Network capabilities are already servicing both their Church and School's Administration functions and are providing Live Streaming Services and online Study Materials to their students and Church Satellite programs.
MOC Foundation Youth Ministry

Our partnership has been established to work towards providing accredited channels of Christian learning and to develop communication systems that can be used to guide users to content, online resources and data, cost effectively.

The opportunity that exists, is based on what can be achieved through a thoughtful and diligent approach to provide access and direction to users where none may exist at present.   

Our St Marks Digital Ministry Project Involves?

The MOC Foundation assists with St Mark's School and Church ICT requirements, while their team assists us by providing content, articles and educational materials to any user or organization that may wish to use them.

We are working towards developing, and improving our collective capability to communicate and make available Christian resources to those that need them most.

We also strive towards providing interested parties with access to Online Sermons, Audio Bible Applications, Daily Devotionals and Community updates as well as providing access to their Pastoral services.

St Marks also invites all of our members to their Church, Services, and Community activities in order to spread the Gospel message to all.

Digital Youth Ministries

In the World today, our youth are exposed to, and have access to a huge variety of data, materials, information, formative opinion and faith doctrines, all of which are hosted on the internet. 

The simple truth of the matter is that we need to adapt to how we provide the next generations with Spiritual direction and access to the message contained in the Gospels.

Falling church attendance and escalating congregational age demographics requires an urgent look at how we react to the social media applications developing around us and how they can be used constructively. 

Our concern is that the family units influence appears to be dwindling and much of what children could learn through it is falling away. What is the example we are setting to the next generation in confronting the problem? 

We urge our Digital Ministry Partners to search for, and develop new and innovative ways to remain relevant and communicate with our youth in order to guide them through direct access to the Scriptures and the message of God's grace contained therein.

If we are looking towards a Revival of the Christian church, it may be, that we need look no further than using the tools available to us, and trusting God to direct us in the execution of his plans. 


Simple Goals we have set ourselves include: 

  • Developing a Project to research user interface preferences that are influencing the delivery and awareness of our message,
  • Providing online Scriptural Libraries and content that encourages further Bible Study based on sound doctrine,
  • Making our Gospel of Grace message readily available in local languages
  • Providing our Youth with the opportunity to testify to their faith without fear in their circle of influence.
  • Making the Bible message available to those that cannot attend a church for any reason.



Please contact Warren Watermeyer for more information to learn more about St Marks vision and activities.


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