Our Funding Model

At the MOC Foundation any Donation, Pledge, Service, Materials, Funding or Goods are received with humble appreciation and praise to our Lord.

At present, we utilize our nominated Corporate Partners and in-house MOC Patrons, as listed on our site to provide assistance from both a Consulting, Service provision and Financial provision perspective.

We would appreciate any gift of time and effort by those that feel called to assist.

Digital Projects, Access to Information and Web Based Learning

Corporate Patrons: OFT Holdings, i4africa.com, OFTC (Pty) Ltd

MOC Patrons: OFTX

Animal Care and Anti-Cruelty

Corporate Patrons: Water Project Services, Sentratek, LMM
MOC Patron: OFT Dames

Fund Raising & Administration

Corporate Patrons: O’Connell Family Trust, PKF Auditors, NSSA Attorneys
MOC Patrons: OFT Dames, PDGS, OFTX

Poverty Alleviation & Youth Development

Corporate Patrons: Aquaneering, SAN Air, Shield Chemicals, Legacy Power SA

Support for Terminal Disease & Disabilities

Corporate Patrons: OFT Holdings, SAN Group, i4africa.com, OFTC (Pty) Ltd
MOC Patrons: PDGS, OFT Dames

Our Steering Committee's funding and distribution objectives are simple - make every cent and service count. We are dedicated to effectively administer donor services and funds and deliver them to where they matter most.

It has become blatantly clear to us that most times, strategically placed funds and a sustainable program will assist passionate people to make a difference in all our lives.

We would like to thank our Patrons, Sponsors, Church Partners and Benefactors for their unselfish assistance in assisting the Foundation and its efforts.

Please contact Charles Lumsden for more information should you require a visit to learn more about our vision and activities.