MOC Digital Impact Faith Resources

MOC Faith Portal

We work towards Introducing our church partners and making their Personal, Group and Church resources available online for use by all.

Our MOC Foundations faith portal website hosts a range of online resources to assist our church partners with access to the Gospel message utilizing our remote DSP systems.

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Our DSP is a Digital Audio Visual Signage system & Flat screen TV which can be installed in various public spaces such as Frail Care Centres, Hospitals, Disability Homes, Churches and any other Site where it may be needed for the benefit of a community

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MOC DSP Systems

OFT Human Resources Support Portals

OFT Knowledge Portal

Our objective is to make available online Self-Study, Life Hacks and Coaching Materials to users in their native language, to provide accelerated learning experiences and motivate self-edification efforts.

We host links and mentorship regarding free download libraries and educational materials as part of our online knowledge portal project.

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We create awareness and provide access to various online applications such as Medical Symptom Checkers, Alternative Treatment Options, Support Forums and access to counselling services.

Our MOC Dames also provides a set of simple corporate employee Visitation Guidelines that provide useful patient visitation insights to those entities that may find them useful.

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OFT Health Portal

OFT Human Capital Portal

The OFT Group wishes to be an employer of choice and maintains an OFT Human Capital Development and Support website intended to benefit all of our members and their communities. We invite you to browse through their current vacancies and apply for any position that you may qualify for.

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Vodacom E-School is an online educational portal, providing educational content matched to the South African School Curriculum. Offering Grades R- 12. 

We are working towards making various online educational resources and applications available to those that wish to use them to assist Home, Community or Christian School projects.

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Vodacom E-School Resources

Student Funding Initiative

Feenix is a crowdfunding platform that helps South African students raise funds towards their education. Feenix is sponsored by Standard Bank, which means that they are able to keep the administrative cost paid by the donor relatively low.

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