Our Focus

Current Global Trend Projections reveal various perspectives as to how Access and Social Media is evolving the way we view data, communicate, and interact with each other like never before.

We believe that forward thinking organizations should be working towards developing and providing channels through which we can communicate and find information which will enhance our lives.

plant in handOur Objective

Our Project seeks to harness various Web and Social media applications to start creating awareness in our businesses, communities and families on how to stay in touch with the developing trends and available access to educational and support functions.

In order to achieve this, we have a team that are studying, developing and launching freely available, interactive web content directly off our sites in order to coach users to validate web content as a decision-making tool and providing direction for both Faith Based and Corporate Entities on how best to adapt to the new communication patterns evolving all around us.

Our Delivery Platforms

Our software platforms were originally developed for Corporate clients which provides our media team with the building blocks to create purpose built solutions capable of delivering content to our digital community cost effectively.

Our focus is on providing our partners with smart TV's as Digital delivery points to serve their own target audience, create awareness and generate revenues for their cause.

During 2017 we launched our Digital Signage Portal (DSP) system capable of streaming content and news updates scheduled by the user’s update teams. Our DSP systems are used to provide a channel which can be tailored to any organizations needs providing access to scheduled streaming content and advertising space utilized to acknowledge their current and potential sponsors and provide the means with which to generate additional income streams.

Once programmed these points can be utilized for a host of applications in virtually any setting and can also be accessed off any Smartphone, Tablet, iPad or Laptop.

DSP Systems are typically used on projects to provide communities with access to live streaming Church Services, Motivational Media, Health and educational content available directly off the web and scheduled to suit the end user audiences which vary from Churches, Frail Care Homes, Hospitals, Prisons or any other establishment that could utilize this form of communication.

MOC Corporate Community Networks

As we progress through our Corporate Project Pilot Phase, we continue to develop innovative ways to communicate and provide access to information to our member's employees.

We invite any person or Organization interested in assisting our efforts to contact us to learn more about our Community Vision and Project activities.